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How to Plan Your 2014 Advertising (It’s Not Too Late)

How to Plan Your 2014 Advertising & Marketing StrategiesOkay, so we’re almost two months into the year, but have no fear! There is still plenty of time to plan out stellar advertising campaigns for 2014. In fact, now is the perfect time to get a little introspective and evaluate how your business is doing so far. There aren’t any major holidays coming up, and the cold weather across the country has most people taking it easy. Take advantage of the calm to do some serious growth planning for the rest of the year.

Start Here

Consider Where You Are Now

How is your business doing right now? What have you accomplished so far in growing your business, and more importantly, how have you accomplished it? Once you get a solid understanding of what’s worked (and what hasn’t worked!), you can establish a baseline for success for moving forward.

Consider Where You Want To Go

Where do you want your business to go in 2014 and beyond? Think small and big, short and long term, then form a list of goals you want to achieve. Be as specific as possible when you write down your goals and aspirations. For example, these may be some of your general business goals for 2014:

  • generate sales
  • get increased foot traffic
  • increase brand awareness
  • attract competitor’s customers
  • build customer loyalty

That is a great start, and you can use these to define your baseline for success.

Keep in mind that your advertising should focus primarily on one goal at a time. So, after you write down your list of goals, prioritize them by importance so you know exactly where to start and where to go in the future.

Evaluate All Your Options

Now it’s time to evaluate all of your advertising options. Leave no stone unturned during this process. Consider direct mail advertising, online advertising services, social media, a mobile marketing strategy and others, meanwhile keeping your audience in mind throughout the process. Where’s your audience paying attention to advertising? For example, if you appeal to millennials, you may want to look more heavily into digital advertising.

Then, consider seasonal factors that could affect your marketing. Think about local events, holidays, overall trends in your industry and seasonality. All of these are opportunities to market your business while presenting more chances for you to advertise effectively. Take them into account in conjunction with your chosen advertising methods.

Consult Your Budget

Perhaps most importantly you need to budget for your 2014 advertising plan. Start with how much you can afford to spend on advertising, and then work your way to a number you are willing to spend to see the proper results.

Measure, Measure, Measure

Define what standards you’ll use to determine if your advertising campaigns are successful. Using these standards, keep track of how your marketing strategy is performing throughout the year. Don’t be afraid to test your campaigns or make changes as you see fit to get maximum results.

In the end: When creating a stellar advertising campaign, you need to consider as many options as possible to discover a complete advertising plan that fits your businesses’ products and services, as well as your customers’ expectations.

How do you budget and plan your advertising campaigns?



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